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Tera Patrick on tech freedom

As promised earlier this week, today we’ve got a snippet of my recent interview with Tera Patrick, who – like Jenna Jameson – is one of the few porn stars that non-aficionados can identify by name. That’s because, like Jameson, she’s taken major steps toward mainstream crossover. She’s been a regular on the Howard Stern show, had a guest spot in Will Ferrell’s Blades of Glory, and will even be a downloadable character in the Saints Row 2 video game as of April 16. (How does she feel about it? “I’m really proud of that. I’m a hero,” she said. “I get to kill people with weed wackers.”) She’s also the first porn star to have an iPhone app actually cleared by Apple, although it is a PG-rated slide game.

Patrick is perhaps most notable for striking out on her own in 2003. After deciding she was tired of being ripped off by the big porn producers, she started her own company Teravision with her husband, Biohazard bassist and Oz actor Evan Seinfeld, who was also in on the interview (who could ever forget the photo shoot he did with Patrick and Skid Row Singer Sebastian Bach’s wife on the Supergroup reality show?). Here’s a short clip of Patrick telling me about exploitation in the business:

Patrick is possibly the best example of the liberating power of technology. Just as the internet allowed Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor to break free from what he felt was an exploitative music business by going out on his own, so too has it allowed porn stars like Patrick to bypass traditional distribution vehicles. Or, as Seinfeld told me:

If you’re independent, now is your time. You don’t need to go through a Vivid or a Wicked or a Hustler to get into the business. You can just open yourself a website and if you have something unique or good, you have the technology to get it out there and it’s the wild west. Have a good time.

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Stoya talks tech and sex

Last week was really busy. Besides heading down to Houston to eat NASA’s space food, I also interviewed a pair of porn stars – one is a veritable legend in the business while the other is perhaps the industry’s fastest rising star. I’ll have snippets of both interviews up this week, starting today with Stoya, the Digital Playground contract star who won the Adult Video News award for “Best New Starlet” back in January. (And check back later this week for a clip of my interview with Tera Patrick.)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Stoya has a reputation for being tech savvy – she blogs, Twitters, plays video games and depends on her BlackBerry – so she seemed like the perfect person with which to discuss the links between porn and technology. Interestingly, she doesn’t consider herself any more technologically proficient than anyone her age (she’s 22). In the audio slideshow below, she talks about her views on why adult companies have been so quick to embrace technology and the limitations they face, as well as the improbability of having sex while wearing 3D glasses.

One big contrast between Stoya and Tera Patrick that emerged in the interviews was their views on whether or not the porn industry was exploitative of women. Patrick, an industry veteran of 10 years, very much believes the business is dominated by men who rip off the women, which is why she started her own company in 2003. Stoya, on the other hand, takes a hard-line approach and says the porn business isn’t more or less exploitative than any other industry, and that it’s up to the individual to negotiate the best deal they can:

Any person hiring another person, regardless of industry or gender, wants to get the most work and the highest quality of work for the lowest price. That’s just business. Of course the company I work for tries to get as much out of me as they can without having to pay me extra. Meanwhile, I try to get fairly compensated for every single thing I do because that’s business. That’s capitalism and the Western world is built on capitalism.

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Jesse Jane talks tech

Check out this interview I did with adult star Jesse Jane at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas back in January, where we talked tech. You can read the text transcript over on the CBC website but this audio slideshow is way better as it gives a better sense of her personality, plus there’s a bunch of hot PG-rated photos (all courtesy of Digital Playground). The interview is split into two for length purposes.

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