Pizza Hut Japan is just ridiculous

30 Mar

Don’t forget: today is day two of The Globe and Mail’s five-part excerpt series of Sex, Bombs and Burgers. They’re running Chapter 9: Fully Functional Robots in its entirety, so check it out. Also, I did an interview with Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon program, which you can listen to here.

Today’s quick post takes us to Japan, and the latest fast-food monstrosity there. You may remember last month I talked about the new Cheesy Bites pizza from Pizza Hut, which featured a pizza with what were effectively built-in mozzarella sticks ringing it. Holy heartburn Batman!

Well, leave it to the Japanese to outdo us Westerners. Just as they did with the seven-patty Whopper, the Japanese have taken this particular fast-food concept to an HNL (hole ‘nother level). As you can tell from the picture, it’s the same concept as the Cheesy Bites pizza, except the attached mozzarella sticks are instead pigs in a blanket (otherwise known as miniature hot dogs). And if that wasn’t bad enough, there are actually miniature hamburger patties on the pizza itself. Wow.

The news comes from one of my new favourite blogs, aptly called “WTF Japan, Seriously?” According to those folks (thanks for the tip, Andrew!), each slice packs a whopping 646 calories - or nearly a third of your recommended daily allowance. In other words, this is about as close to a heart attack on a platter that you can probably legally get.

Not that that makes me want to try it any less…

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