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Winnipeg Free Press review

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The Winnipeg Free Press has a positive review of Humans 3.0.

The book is “a good, smart read” full of “crisp writing and abundance of interesting facts and insights.”

The headline says I embrace humans upgrades with unbridled optimism. I’m not sure I’d agree fully.

Optimistic? Yes. Unbridled? Not necessarily. I’d say my optimism is more bridled than not.


NPR features Humans 3.0

moira gunn, npr, tech nation

National Public Radio’s “Tech Nation” show has a lengthy interview with me, talking about Humans 3.0.

Dr. Moira Gunn and I discuss everything from robots displacing humans in jobs to lengthening life expectancies.

Somehow, I managed to make it through this conversation with a very painful nerve pinch in my neck. I was wondering the whole time how long it’ll be before I’m able to transfer my consciousness into a machine that will be immune to such maladies.

Kudos to Dr. Gunn making the conversation not just painless, but pleasant.

CBC’s 5 totally random facts


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, my alma mater, has created a fun infographic based on facts from Humans 3.0.

From the value of internet giants such as Amazon and Facebook to the number of Americans who work on a farm, it’s a cool snapshot of the book.

Of course, the graphic only scratches the surface. There’s a surfeit of such information between the covers.

Where to buy Humans 3.0



Official launch day (in Canada) is upon us, which means that you should now be able to get Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species wherever fine books are sold.

In the United States, it’s available in paperback and e-book format on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. The e-book is also available through Apple’s iBooks while the paperback is in all other major bookstores.

In Canada, Amazon.ca has both the paperback and e-book. Chapters-Indigo has the paperback online and in stores, and the e-book for Kobo readers. And of course, iBooks also has the e-book.

In the United Kingdom, Amazon.co.uk has the e-book available now, as does W.H. Smith. I’m pleased to announce the paperback is coming from HarperCollins on July 2.

Stay tuned for South Korean publication information, plus the announcement soon of another country.

Oh, and if you need some neutral third-party encouragement to buy the book, TechCrunch has a solid review.