Humans 3.0

A New Evolution

Our species is entering a new era. Millions of years ago, we created tools to change our environment. Caves became huts, fires became ovens, and clubs became swords. Collectively these tools became technology, and the pace of innovation accelerated. Now we’re applying the latest advancements to our own biology and environment. But is that a good thing? Not if media scare pieces about government spying, limitless automation and electronic addictions are to be believed.

Humans 3.0 looks at what it means to be human – from the relationships we form and the beliefs we hold to the jobs we do and the objects we create – and measures the impact that innovation has had and will have in the future. Contrary to conventional wisdom, this third epoch is rapidly equalizing, globalizing, co-operating - and upgrading.

Available in: United States, Canada, United Kingdom.


“An anti-venom for the kind of fear-mongering technophobic portrayals of robot-controlled, despotic human futures that tend to pervade a lot of sci-fi texts.”

- TechCrunch

“The better angels of our nature, set to finally be freed by our technological advances, reflect our real natures.”

- Macleans

“An optimistic, wide-ranging look at how we have co-evolved with our technologies. A great read for those who want to get up-to-speed on the challenges and opportunities in our technological future.”

- Nora Young, Host and Creator, Spark, CBC Radio

“With eye-popping statistics and insights from people around the world operating at technology’s cutting edge, Nowak provides a compelling rebuttal to the doomsayers who fear the future impact of technology on society, the economy, and culture. Humans 3.0 shines the spotlight on a bright future with technology sitting at the heart of our daily lives.”

- Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair Internet & E-commerce Law.

Humans 3.0 magically combines the joy of innovation with the reality that as humans we are using technology for basic needs like work and playing. Nowak’s unique approach is a fascinating, thought-provoking read.”

- Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association.