Can’t decide between pizza or burgers? Try both

26 Mar

With my penchant for fast-food monstrosities, I’m a little ashamed of myself for missing Burger King’s Pizza Burger when it first debuted. The chain introduced the mega-burger - featuring a nine-and-a-half-inch bun and four patties, cut into slices like pizza - in September, 2010 at its Whopper Bar restaurant in New York.

By the numbers, the Pizza Burger - which is topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, marinara and Tuscan sauce - is truly monstrous. It packs more than 2,500 calories (more than your recommended daily allowance), 3,780 milligrams of sodium (double the daily allowance) and 144 grams of fat (again, double). The company says the burger is intended to be shared, but there are doubtlessly a large number of individuals - not to mention large individuals - who relish the challenge of downing the whole thing on their own.

The Pizza Burger is back in the news because of a campaign that has sprouted up in New Zealand. Hungry, hungry kiwis are petitioning the company on Facebook to bring the Pizza Burger - which has since been introduced in Japan - to their neck of the woods.

I wish the Kiwis luck, although I might be able to beat them to the punch since I’m actually going to be in New York this week. The thought of swinging by Times Square to try this beast is certainly tempting…

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One Response to Can’t decide between pizza or burgers? Try both

  1. Marc Venot

    March 26, 2012 at 5:51 am

    It looks much more burger(ly) than pizza.
    Btw I tried the new McDonalds “bistro sandwich”, and in particular the swiss cheese one, because it was at a discount for three days last week. It was rather good.


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