Essentials for new cat owners

So, you’re a new cat owner and you want to 100% spoil your pet. Toys, treats, just the right kind of food, a bed, what else do you need? Always cover your basics - and what can be more essential than cat litter and a durable pet carrier?

Choosing the right type of cat litter is especially important if you own an indoor cat and want to keep your living space as clean and fresh as possible. On the other hand, a cat carrier is a must if you travel often, but even for routine visits to the vet. If you give them enough time to adjust, cats start treating their carrier as a safe space and won’t object when you have to pack up and go.

Here’s some advice on how to choose the best products for your pet.

Types of Cat Litter

There are many types of cat litter available today. They all have different properties and come at different price points.

The most common type is clumping cat litter. As its name implies, this type of litter forms clumps once it’s soiled. That makes it easy to clean and replace.

There is also non-clumping cat litter. Both this one and the first variety are made of clay, but clumping clay litter offers more odor protection and it’s less likely your cat will accidentally track it all over the place. One advantage of non-clumping litter is that it’s cheaper.

Silica gel crystal cat litter is superior to both when it comes to absorbing liquid and odor.

Tip: use a cat litter for odor control if you live in a small space and can’t always clean out your pet’s litter box on time. Look for a highly absorbent cat litter that’s made of high-quality, non-irritating ingredients (some cat litters are heavily scented to better mask odor - chances are your cat will hiss at this).

Cat carriers for short strolls and long travels

If the first picture that comes to mind when you think of a cat carrier is a solid box with a metal door - you’re not wrong, but there’s also a much larger variety of carriers available than you thought.

Hard-sided cat carriers are durable and easy to clean. They come in a variety of styles to help better accommodate your cat. One drawback is you have to be sure exactly how much space you have both to store them when out of use and where to place them while traveling because they’re not collapsible.

On the other hand, soft-sided carriers are easy to store and more suitable for smaller spaces (many are designed to be airline approved). These cat carriers are made of flexible and durable materials and have handles for easy transport (think duffle bag with special features for your cat).

Tip: always make sure the carrier you choose is the right size for your cat. Turn it into a safe space by leaving it out a couple of days before leaving home so your pet has time to adjust to it.