The exciting new book from best-selling author Peter Nowak! Humanity is entering an unprecedented epoch, one in which all facets of nature are coming under our control. But is that a good thing? Find out in this data-driven, entertaining read.

  • “An anti-venom for the kind of fear-mongering technophobic portrayals of robot-controlled, despotic human futures that tend to pervade a lot of sci-fi texts.”

    – TechCrunch

  • Living longer, dying differently: The average human lifespan has nearly doubled over the past two centuries. How does that affect how people feel about death?

    -read the excerpt in The Atlantic

  • “Comprehensive, impeccably researched.”

    – CBC Books

  • Humans 3.0 magically combines the joy of innovation with the reality that as humans we are using technology for basic needs like work and playing. Nowak’s unique approach is a fascinating, thought-provoking read.”

    – Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association.

  • “With eye-popping statistics and insights from people around the world operating at technology’s cutting edge, Nowak provides a compelling rebuttal to the doomsayers who fear the future impact of technology on society, the economy, and culture. Humans 3.0 shines the spotlight on a bright future with technology sitting at the heart of our daily lives.”

    Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair Internet & E-commerce Law.

  • “An optimistic, wide-ranging look at how we have co-evolved with our technologies. A great read for those who want to get up-to-speed on the challenges and opportunities in our technological future.”

    – Nora Young, Host and Creator, Spark, CBC Radio.