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CRTC’s CanCon porn could get a whole lot stupider

Who's up for a porn parody of The Beachcombers?

Who’s up for a porn parody of The Beachcombers?

If you haven’t heard by now, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission wants more Canadian porn. At least that’s the message it delivered to three Toronto-based erotica channels when it recently hit them with a reprimand for falling short of Canadian content rules.

As per the requirements, Canadian TV channels must air at least 35-per-cent Canadian-made content, which evidently also applies to the sexy stuff too. In their response, AOV Adult Movie Channel, AOV XXX Action Clips and AOV Maleflixxx said they fell only a few minutes short and are confident they can easily correct the mistakes.

Pretty much everyone, including an editorial in The Globe and Mail, has pointed out the absurdity of this. The crazy thing is, it may only be the tip of the absurd iceberg considering what else the CRTC is working on. With the ongoing Let’s Talk TV consultation, the regulator is amassing opinions on how television – and also so-called over-the-top video such as Netflix and YouTube – should be regulated. Read the rest of this entry »

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Big Data is illuminating the murky world of porn

Lisa Ann is apparently the most popular porn store in the world, according Pornhub searches.

Lisa Ann is apparently the most popular porn star in the world, according to Pornhub searches.

We hear a lot about Big Data, but we don’t usually get many easy-to-relate-to examples of it. Well, look no further: it’s the porn world to the rescue.

Montreal-based Pornhub recently released some thoroughly engrossing statistics about online porn consumption in a number of countries, including Canada. As one of the biggest websites in the world – it generally ranks around the 75th most trafficked according to Alexa, which is more than the Huffington Post, Netflix or even the Pirate Bay – Pornhub is privy to a lot of revealing information, and we’re not even talking about the thousands of free sex videos it hosts.

The folks behind the site have insights on things like what days and months are most popular for porn consumption, who is searching for what, and how… er, long certain people last. According to the site’s blog – which, unlike its main site, is perfectly safe to view at work – Americans and Canadians apparently last the longest, spending about 10 minutes on the site, versus people in Brazil and Japan, who typically tap out around seven minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Addicted to porn? Try this Jesus app

buddy-jesusLike anyone who writes about technology, I get a lot of press releases. Some are inordinately bad. I got one the other day that was so bad, I had to share it. In its entirety. It’s from the Christian News Service, which is interesting in and of itself. How do I get on such mailing lists? I’ll never know.

Anyhow, here’s the release, plus a quick thought at the end:

The Devastating Effect of Losing Every Man’s Battle With Pornography Read the rest of this entry »

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Ebook retailers wake up to internet’s dark side

ereadersThis past weekend was a particularly bad one for just about every major e-book retailer out there, with revelations that hard-core pornographic content was rampant in their electronic stores. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and WH Smith were just a few of the e-book retailers found by The Kernel, an online muckracking website based in the United Kingdom, to be selling ebooks from self-published authors glorifying such topics as rape, incest and bestiality.

In what it describes as “an epidemic of filth,” the site says that “unlike the bookshelves in physical stores, online bookstores appear to be a Wild West of depraved content sure to horrify every parent and book-lover. Some of Britain and America’s most treasured brands are profiting from paperbacks, e-books and audio books stuffed with deeply repellant material that skirts the boundaries of illegality.”

Some of the content on sale is indeed truly repellent, with titles ranging from Taboo Acts Vol. I: Loving the Dog to Raped By Daddy: Daddy’s Sex Slave Part 1. Many of the retailers wasted no time in taking action, with WH Smith, for one, shutting down its website to remove the offending content. Depending on the individual retailer and specific countries in question, many of the companies could be in violation of several kinds of laws, obscenity among them. Read the rest of this entry »

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Debating Britain’s online porn filters

Earlier this week, I took part in a lively discussion of Britain’s upcoming filtering of online porn on Al Jazeera’s The Stream program. The producers asked me on after reading my recent analysis piece in The Globe and Mail, in which I expressed hope that the filters might actually work, in which case they would ultimately lead to more innovation and awareness around encryption tools. With governments increasingly spying on their citizens, the time for the mainstreaming of these tools is just about here.

Also on the show were Fiona Elvines, the operations coordinator at Rape Crisis South London, feminist blogger Zoe Stavri and Leigh Porter from UK-based Safer Media.

It was a fun discussion that covered many angles, from the unlikeliness of the filters working and the intricacies of rape culture to freedom of speech and the protection of children. For some good weekend viewing, check it out above.

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Cultural ‘pornification’ is a hot, sexy myth

British PM David Cameron's war on porn is not likely to succeed.

British PM David Cameron’s war on porn is not likely to succeed.

I’m heading to Washington D.C. today where I’ll be a guest on Al Jazeera’s The Stream program, wherein we’ll be discussing recent efforts by the British government to ban online porn. The show airs live at 3:30 p.m. Eastern and is streamed online on the network’s website. I’ll be sure to provide a link to it after it airs.

At the core of the discussion will be British Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent declaration that internet providers will have to institute a default-on porn filter for their services, and that if someone wants access to such content, they’ll have to specifically ask their ISP to reinstate it.

As I wrote in a column for The Globe and Mail last week, I’m of two minds on the issue. On the one hand, I’d really like to see Cameron’s plan succeed because it would result in the mainstreaming of the sorts of encryption tools that are now mainly the domain of the tech savvy. Such tools desperately need to become cheaper and easier to use in light of all the warrant-less spying on regular citizens by governments and other authorities. A ban on porn without somehow magically eliminating demand for it will only increase awareness of such capabilities, which can only be a good thing. Read the rest of this entry »


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Revenge porn won’t end without societal change

TopSecret1It’s been a while since I’ve written about porn, but some news happened the other day that I just couldn’t pass up. The government of Florida is in the process of passing a law that will prohibit “revenge porn.” It’s not a sub-genre I was familiar with, although it turns out the concept is probably readily understood by anyone who has spent time online.

Revenge porn happens when someone, usually a male, posts nude or sexual pictures or videos of an ex- on the net without that person’s permission. The sentiment is fairly easy to understand, although that doesn’t make it excusable – one party to a relationship is angry at another, so they seek to hurt, shame or sometimes even extort that person by publicly sharing what is otherwise private imagery.

A bunch of sites have sprung up to cater to such people, including, and (the first two look to be down and that last one is definitely not safe for work), with some getting hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. Some of them make good advertising money, while others supplement their revenue stream by charging victims a fee to remove their photos. Some also go a step further by including personal information about the people in the photos, such as their email addresses or links to their Facebook profiles.

It’s about as slimy as the internet gets. While the knee-jerk reaction for free speech, anonymity and general internet proponents is to bristle against the sorts of laws that Florida is proposing, this is the sort of thing that just doesn’t seem defensible. Read the rest of this entry »


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