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Stats on technology and dating, sex

January 27, 2011

Reuters ran an intriguing yet thoroughly unintelligible story the other day about how technology relates to dating and sex. It’s tough to figure out what the story is really about because it throws a whole bunch of numbers together with no discernible focus, but the stats themselves are pretty interesting.

The headline figure is that 80% of women and 60% of men believe that texting, Facebook and other social networking tools cause couples to have sex faster. The following sentence, however, says only 38% of women admitted to getting it on faster because of digital intimacy. That would seem to indicate that people believe social networking leads to faster sex, just not with them. Either the stats are wrong, respondents to the survey are woefully wrong, or it’s a case of, “uh huh, sure it’s not you.”

There are a few obvious errors in the story. Apparently, 72% of women say they “scour” a current partner’s ex-girlfriend’s Facebook pages, which seems wrong. As far as I know, with all the privacy flak Facebook has taken over the last few years, you can’t really see too many details on strangers’ pages without actually friending them first. That makes it rather hard to “scour,” I would think.

The story also notes that 81% of people don’t de-friend an ex once they break up with them, which is pretty much a no-brainer. How else are you supposed to keep tabs on them?!?!

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